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In-Home Euthanasia. What every pet owner will need to sad day.

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Firstly, if you are considering euthanasia for your beloved pet, I want you to know that you are doing the right thing. You have recognized that your pet may be suffering and you are trying to find a resolution. You want your pet to be at peace again. Also if you are reading this, it's probably not an emergency. This is good, you have time to make plans. The decision of how to proceed is in your hands. If you are considering in home euthanasia, but you are unsure. Please research “quality of life for my pet” or click the link below:

FYI: The article that I referenced above is from Lap of Love. If you call or text Vet 2 Door at 727-200-4669, and I am unavailable, Lap of Love may be available to help you. They operate 24 hours. Lap of Love is also Nation Wide - so it may be a resource if you do not live in Saint Petersburg, FL

If you happen to be in Saint Petersburg, then you have come to the right place and hopefully the one place where you can find all the information you need.

At this point, I'll assume that you have come to the conclusion that your pet no longer has a good quality of life and you have made the conclusive decision to ease your pet’s passage from this world. It’s okay. This is your final gift to them. You have made a decision that will prevent suffering and you are caring for them as you always have, with love and kindness.

I am also going to assume that you have now decided that you would like your pet to find peace and be humanely euthanized at home. Here are your next steps and options.

In-home euthanasia is a two step process.

  1. Call a veterinarian that specializes in In-Home Euthanasia and schedule a time for this to take place.

  2. Decide how you would like to handle after-life care, which is the care of your pet’s remains. This is where planning ahead will give you more options. These are options that most people don't know that they have. Step #2 is the sole reason that I am writing this article.

Step 2. Plan A - You want a memorial service to handle after-life care.

If you would life to work with a specialized pet memorial service, in Saint Petersburg, FL, you have two recommended options. Recommended options, means that these are the two options in this area that I know anything about. These are at the two that I have personally become familiar with. There may be MANY others in this area. However, I can’t recommend them, because I don’t know anything of them. Please feel free to email me if you do, and I will consider establishing a relationship with them.

First Recommendation: Pet Angel

Services that they offer (That I know of)

  • Higher level of Service when it comes to managing your pet’s after life care.

  • You can customize packages with them, such as choosing the specific urn that you would like.

  • They will come to your home at the same time as your scheduled In-Home Euthanasia as long as it is scheduled Monday-Friday from 9AM - 5PM. You must schedule the In-Home Euthanasia first and tell them the time.

  • Pet Angel has a high technology tracking system for your pet’s remains. This is a good option if you think that you could ever be paranoid or feel that the remains you have received back is not your actual pet’s remains.

Services that they do not offer (That I know of)

  • They do not offer after hour pick-up. So if you would like to use their services, you will have to arrange for a place to store your pet’s remains until they open for business again. Saturday and Sunday are not good times to schedule this service. Any time after 5pm is not a good time to schedule this service if you have a pet that is too large to store in a freezing place or you can’t handle the idea placing your pet’s remains in a freezing place.

  • They do not deliver your pet back to your home. So if you choose private cremation, you will have to go to the Pet Angel’s location, currently in Pinellas Park, to pick up your pet’s cremains. If you cannot handle the idea of going into a memorial center to pick up your pet’s cremains, then this is not a good option for you.

Second Recommendation: Honor Thy Pet

Services that they offer (That I know of)

  • Higher level of Service when it comes to managing your pet’s after-life care.

  • You can customize packages with them, such as choosing the specific urn that you would like.

  • They will come to your house 24 hours a day. If you arrange for euthanasia with me at 2am, they will be there at 2:30 to pick up your pet’s remains.

  • They also have burial services.

  • They will deliver your pet back to your home.

Services that they do not offer (That I know of)

  • The closest memorial center is in Tampa or Palmetto right now. Clearwater location opening soon.

If you decide that you would like more options to customize your pet’s after-life care, please contact the memorial service of your choice to arrange for that service. I will perform the humane euthanasia in your home and leave the body with your family.

Step 2. Plan B - You want the veterinarian to handle after-life care.

If you would like for me, or the other veterinarian who is humanely euthanizing your pet, to handle your pet’s after life care, the only decision that you need to worry about is scheduling. However, options regarding your pet’s after-life care are limited. This is the standard way that in-home euthanasia services operate. For the most part it eliminates the customizations that you could make for your pet’s cremains, if you would like them returned to you. If you would like cremation and you do not need your pet’s cremains to be returned to you in an urn, then this is a good option for you.

If you choose this option I can tell you exactly what will happen next:

  • Communal cremation: If you choose to have your pet’s remains cremated and spread in a park or memorial center, after the humane euthanasia, I will be responsible for coordination with the memorial center. If you want your pet’s paw imprint in clay, you must let me know in advance and pick it up at the memorial center in Pinellas Park.

  • Private Cremation: If you choose to have your pet cremated and you would like the ashes back, the memorial center that is utilized by me is dependent on the hour of the day that the humane euthanasia is scheduled. You will receive your pet back in a nice wooden urn and you will receive a paw print back. Your pet will be delivered back to your door by an after life care specialist who will contact you in about 5-10 days.

This is my up front pricing:

Private Cremation with Ashes Returned:

0-25lbs: $220

25-50lbs: $235

50-100lbs: $255

Communal Cremation (No Ashes Returned) - $150

Step 2. Plan C - You want to handle everything yourself.

The last option is for those who would like to handle their own pet’s after-life care. Meaning that you have a planned burial location, such as your back yard. I will come to your home and perform the euthanasia and leave your pet with you.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email me at

Written with love - Dr. Janell

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