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Is a Veterinary House Call Right For You and Your Best Friend?

PROS of a Veterinary House Call:

  • If your pet does not like to get in the car, then they will love you for this.

  • If your pet is afraid of the veterinary office for whatever reason, then they will love you for this.

  • If your pet is aggressive around other animals, the other animals will love you for this.

  • If your pet is aggressive in general, SOMETIMES, they aren't when they don't realize that they are being examined by the vet in their home or space.

  • Many pets will think the veterinarian is an annoying/interesting house guest rather than an intrusive invader.

  • You as the owner can SEE EVERYTHING that is being done to your baby and you can legally help hold and comfort your pet. Get the kids, they can watch also!

  • No waiting room. No anxiety build up for the pet or the human.

  • Ask all your questions with privacy and get to know the vet a little better without all of the distractions of a veterinary office/staff.

CONS of a Veterinary House Call:

  • No emergency house calls. It's impossible to maintain a schedule AND see emergency visits, since, with driving, every visit takes no less than two hours.

  • Limited urgent care appts. Same as above. Sometimes it can be difficult to schedule a next day appt., especially if your day is planned on the other side of town.

  • Limited diagnostics can be performed. A vet cannot bring an x-ray machine into the home and certain tests are not going to be available, depending on the vet.

  • Limited inventory. A house call vet can only carry a certain and select amount of drugs with them at all times.

  • No anesthetic/sedative procedures. These procedures are referred out.

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