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Dr. Janell

Hello Friends! I want to let you know that I'm here for you and your pet! Call me and if I can't help you I will steer you in the right direction. I made a list of veterinary services that I can take care of right in your own home, or wherever in Saint Petersburg, you would like. Want to update your pets vaccines at the dog park? Sure! You tell me when. If I can get to you, I'll be there. What I want from the core my being is to serve pets and their people in a way that is accessible, so that animals get the care they need. Be prepared to share ownership, because I consider your pets my own. Let's connect! 

Dr. Janell

My Offerings - With Love

Physical Exams


I'll let you know how your pet's ears and eyes look. We will discuss how your pet's heart and lungs sound. I will do a growth check and evaluate your pet's coat and skin. I will also evaluate your pet for signs of arthritis. 



I will get your pet up to date on vaccines, depending on your pet's lifestyle. I'll tell you what all the vaccines do and how often they are actually needed based on research. I can also do an in-home heartworm check.  


If your pet needs diagnostics, I will do my best to get the samples needed to run them. I can send samples to the lab for fecal tests, blood tests, urine tests and growth checks. I can also send out cultures for bacteria or fungus. Results will not be same day. I do have equipment to run simple same day tests.  I will also help you decide if your pet needs same day tests or not. 

Oral Health Exam


Is it time for a dental cleaning yet? I will let you know. I will also discuss brushing techniques and oral care options. 

Simple Ailments


Pet's don't talk, so it's hard to know when a condition is serious and warrants hospital treatment or simple nursing care. I can't talk to them either, unfortunately. But I can tell you based on experience whether nursing care or hospital care is best for your pet.

Examples of conditions that can be treated in your home:  Allergies, hot spots, urinary tract infections, sneezing or coughing (that started within 24 hours), diarrhea and vomiting (less than 24 hours and still acting normal), wounds that don't need sutures, or wounds on dogs/cats that will let you place a few sutures with mild sedation, small abscesses, and limping but still putting weight on the leg. There are other treatments I can help you with, call me to discuss options. 

Hospice Care/Euthanasia


"Pet's lives are too short. Their only fault, really "- Quote inspired by Agnes Turnbull, but she apparently only felt that way about "Dogs".

Tell me what you need in this difficult time. I'll help out in the best and only way I can. I'll help you make quality of life decisions. And together we'll find a way to bring comfort to your pet and to you. 



Years of Experience


Face Licks


Purring Cats


Bites (We're still friends)


Our Team.

Meet our team! Small but mighty, our veterinary team can tackle in-home challenges of any size. Check out our profiles below to learn more about your pet's new best friend!


Happily Servicing My Hometown of Saint Petersburg and adjacent cities. 
Available Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 6PM

Saturday    Call for Appt. 

Sunday    Call for Appt.

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