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Why I won't do house-calls at night, IF I don't know you.

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

So, at ten-o-clock at night, you came across my website, while scrambling to find care for your sick puppy. I said call anytime, right? Well, I meant it. I happen to be a "night owl". If I'm available, I will tell you that I don't do house calls at night unless you are an established client. However, I will be glad to refer you to an establishment that will give your pup the care it needs. Why don't I do house calls at night, if I don't know you? Because I'm afraid. I don't know what kind of situation I'm getting into and many criminals operate under the veil of darkness, known as night. I feel less secure at night and that's the truth. In fact, unless there are a lot of people around, I won't walk down the street at night. And that's just the way it is for me.

I don't know you, but you may be thinking "Afraid of me? Why, I wouldn't lay harm to a fly!". You may be the safest person on the planet! But I can't read your mind. I can only hear what you say. Sometimes what people think and what they say are not in alignment. So I need to get to know you to make sure that is not the case. Ask yourself if you would want your daughter going to an unknown person's house at night. If you answer is "no", you get me.

But WAIT! There's good news. As long as I have a relationship with you, I'm happy to help, whenever I'm available - even if it is late at night! So I need you to become an established client in technical terms, and I need you to become my friend in my terms. Call me and we can get the ball rolling by simply forming a veterinary-patient-client relationship (friendship)!

I want you to be able to Lean on Me! (Yup, go ahead and start singing the song)

Written with Love - Dr. Janell

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